When a group is really tight or playing as one, it’s a transcendental experience. It is spiritual. It goes beyond the group, beyond time, and beyond what is already known.

The drum flow is a time to dive deep into oneself, to unite, transform, and join together. We will begin with some breathing moments and proceed to a few Qi Gong exercises to build our inner energy.

Afterward, we will take off for a flight inward to connect as deeply as possible with the inner self and expand our feelings and emotions with a lot of joy and fun.

No musical knowledge is required We will build the steps together in a steady and smooth way …

If you have a frame drum or any other similar drums, please bring them, if not no worries, We will supply you with musical instruments if you intend to attend.

Breathe, warm up, Strengthen your hands, joints, and fingers, and work together to separate the senses.

Ali Hasan facilitates it.

How long:

** This Workshop is no room for sexism, homophobia, or racism *

Dabke Community Dance Workshop with Medhat Aldaabal & Ali Hasan

Anyone who is interested to share two hours of intensive dance and musical journey through the oriental culture of DABKE is kindly invited to join! The workshop will be led by Medhat Aldabaal (dance) and Ali Hasan (live percussion) of the AMAL group.

Come alone or with your family for this special program presented by Sasha Waltz & Guests and Recommended for children of 10 years and older.,

No dance knowledge is needed.
Just energy and a smile – see you there!
Bring some comfortable shoes you can dance in!

Dabkeism – overlapping body therapy and alternative understanding of family

We come together in DabkeismDabke (Syrian folk dance) aims to create social and familial bonds by bringing ourselves together in movement, whilst manifesting memories, learning, and exchanging creativity.
Through transforming dance into physical and emotional therapy, we strive to enrich our cultural understanding of family.

What to expect from our sessions
– warm-up
– introduction to Dabke steps
– excursion to dance therapy methods
– improvisation with Dabke Dance
Accompanied by live music. This Worksop is open to professional dancers, dance enthusiasts, and movement- therapists.

supported by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Dabke: Medhat Aldaabal
Live music: Ali Hasan
Filmmaker: Lea Bethke
Researcher: Catalina Kranner
Dance therapist: Eva Maria Kaack


Dance of Spirals

guided by Marie-Sophie Kiepe

Live Music by Ali Hasan


When you feel emotionally stuck or overwhelmed, your body and mind store the sensations and you get sluggish. 
In turn, when you are in your flow state everything feels light, and you live your life on a path of least resistance. 
At the center of your physical body resides your heart – one large and beautifully complex muscle, constantly pumping blood through your entire being. It does so every minute of every day of your entire life. Your heart’s fibers have arranged in the form of a complex, yet beautiful spiral. 
Your heart’s spiral is the blueprint for many more. Spiral designs characterize many parts of your body.
You can find spiral patterns in how your muscles wrap the bones forming a continuous network of spiraling movement. Your heart spirals in and around itself. All fluids in your body flow in spiral currents mirroring the form of rivers and waterfalls in nature.
When you unleash emotional and physical tension through spiraling motions, you open a gate to your heart. 
You feel energized. You feel full of life. You feel alive. 
You empower yourself by beginning to deliberately direct the currents of energy that run through you. 
You enter a state of alignment, calmness, of openness. You transcend the old, rising anew. Unwind and connect to yourself through the spiraling energy.

inspired by the Sufi dance traditions, MarieSophie Kiepe will lead you into 1 hour of intensive deep dance class that brings you to a higher state of being, supported by live music from Ali Hasan.