Festival „Re:Writing the Future 2021“ der Allianz Kulturstiftung in Berlin,
Deutschland. Marcel Wogram for Allianz Kulturstiftung 2021.

Die Musik ist die Sphäre, in der ich mein Selbst und
meine Wahrheit verteidige



With stomping feet, swinging hips, a drumbeat, and lots of laughter, two Syrian migrants lead a group of Germans and others in traditional Arab dance at a Berlin studio to share part of their culture with the country that took them in



Ali Hasan
Musician Artist based in Berlin-Germany

Since moving to Berlin in 2015, Ali has worked, performed, and practiced with many international music and movement artists including the Grandmaster Shi Yan Lin from China, the choreographer, dancer, and director Sasha Waltz from Germany, the Master Mohammad Riza Mortazwi from Iran, the Lebanese composer Ziad Rahbani, the Grammy-nominated internationally renowned pianist, producer, and composer Joel Holmes from the USA, The Ukrainian Handpan master Zhynea Topov, and with Josh Kun,  Nabil Arbin, Simon Schmidt aka BlindsmythGOTOPOKetan Bathi,  Clemens RynkowskiHakan TuğrulCymin Samawatie, Davide Camplani, Joolz Gale, caner taker, Studio labour, Rafaat Alzakout, and many others.


A graduate of the technical institute of medicine at Tishreen University in Syria with a diploma in Physiological Rehabilitation “Physical Therapy” besides the inspiration to explore the sounds of percussion music instruments during his walking adventure to Europe in early 2015 seeking a new life,  his passion for music and dance supported him. This combination of elements has given him a deep playground to explore contemporary art within the harmony of movement, body, and tunes, the action, and reaction between dance and music, and science with emotion.

studying and practicing the interaction between mind-body-spirit, and between Silence-Sounds. This is an essential part of his work

With the Covid-19 pandemic ensuing, Ali shifted focus and utilized these elements to hold spaces, create healing drum circles, and create safe group musical gatherings, besides diving deeper into producing electronic music.

Since January 2021, Ali is a student of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong at Shaolin Kung Fu Berlin School.

 Using and upgrading every available method of playing modern drums and dancing in order to use it effectively and positively for human health has been a major focus of Ali’s work. 


His first Darbouka drum was given to him when he was a 3-4 years old young boy, and when he turned 12, Ali joined his first dance group in Damascus, where they performed throughout Syria.

Under the supervision of an Academic Specialist musician Mohammed Shehade in Syria-Masyaf, he joined the “Groove” institute for tempo and percussion in 2012.

Before arriving in Berlin, he practiced as a professional massage therapist but that was not enough for his passion for music and art so he took advantage of being in a charming city like Istanbul and played with many international travelers musicians in the streets and local bars of Istanbul, where he gained practical music knowledge.

Since 2016 he has been working with the company Sasha Waltz & Guests. In 2018-2019 Ali was a scholarship holder of the support program “weltoffenes Berlin / Artist at Risk” of the Berlin Senate and the Allianz Cultural Foundation.

in 2020 , he received the the support of “Durchstarten 2020” das Förderprogramm für neue Expert*innen der Kulturellen Bildung in Berlin, for his Dance-Music project “DREAMS OF BELONGING” together with the dancer and choreographer Medhat Aldabaal.

Ali is the co-founder of “Baynatna” The Arabic Library which has been awarded by 2. PLATZ / POLIS AWARD CAMPUS in 2018, “The power of art 2020” and “Aktiv für Demokratie und Toleranz 2020 Prices together with Fann Magazin & WIR MACHEN DAS, he is also a curator, and music consultant for the Resident Music Collective in Humboldt Forum in Berliner Schloss.

At the end of 2021, Ali has been nominated as a member of an international jury for the Artists in Residency Program: Fixing what’s Broken by the Academy in Exile.

in 2022, Ali is part of the DABKEISM project “overlapping body therapy and alternative understanding of family” supported by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland as a live musician.


Ceremony for the Opening of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst, with the speech of Bundespräsident-Deutschland Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Music by: Resident Music Collective in Humboldt Forum